Is Crypto Mania Still a Thing? A Breakdown by IronX

You might have heard all the fuss surrounding Cryptocurrencies among your fellow traders and investors, right? Well, it looks like you’re about to hear a whole lot more states IronX, seen as several leading firms and figures are partaking in the chatter, too.

IronX reveals that SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) is performing new-found inspections in Cryptocurrency brokers. The company strives to identify with the procedures and undertakings of the industry with a focus on fees, client and financial dealings and ICOs. This increased attention from SEC raises the hopes of Crypto investors and brings more attention towards digital coins. Money managers are also keen on learning a little more about this contemporary industry to ensure that they are in compliance with regulations. There have been multiple reports on money managers being sloppy with client investments. Perhaps there will now be more structural counseling against exploiting investments which could improve procedures to a great extent.

Regulatory bodies and money managers aren’t the only figures setting their eyes on virtual currencies, says IronX. Internet domains company, Minds + Machines Group Limited is in the process of establishing services for Ethereum owners, whereby transactions are executed using word-based identifiers that are blockchain enabled. This comes as great news for Ethereum users as transactions will be executed in a much faster and transparent way. The industry is hoping that these operations are adopted for more altcoins as well.

Rumor has it that Goldman Sachs is in talks to provide a crypto custody service for its users whereby their virtual funds will be stored and highly protected from theft and other cyber-attacks. This project comes following client interest for cryptocurrencies. It has yet to be kicked into motion but the future outlook for this financial sector remains bright. Alongside Goldman Sachs, fellow banking moguls including Mellon Corp, JPMorgan Chase & Co. are also turning their heads towards the digital currency world.

Could crypto mania still be a thing? IronX indicates that many believe these developments in the financial world will lead cryptocurrencies to rise and soon become a possible obligatory requirement of our financial lives.